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Minor Mistakes in the Oahspe

It has been stated in previous ages, that the Oahspe is not perfect. “Not immaculate in this Book, OAHSPE; but to teach mortals how to attain to hear the Creator’s Voice, and to see His heavens, in full consciousness, whilst still living on the earth; and to know of a truth the place and condition awaiting them after death.” The Oahspe was given through the hands of a scribe named Newbrough by angels of the Creator. Through that scribe and from various printing issues, some mistakes can be found within the text. Other errors are due to one of the angels who had not been born into the inorganic heavens before the original Oahspe had been written. Because of this, there are several verses that often give the student the wrong impression about the truth of Jehovih’s words.
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The Commandments Are Not Too Difficult

The commandments of the Father are not too difficult to observe, but for some of the Remnant, they are not able to fulfil them perfectly. The Father is aware of those who strive for perfection and of those who practice religious fakery. Do not be found among the latter.

The universal laws have been given as a standard for the grading of humanity, but the commandments have been given as a standard for the grading of the Remnant.
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The Words I Speak

If you read, study, contemplate or hear My words devoutly and on a daily basis, your sins will be burned away. The words I speak are from the Father who gives them to Me for the benefit of His Remnant.

When you read or hear My words along with the experiences of devotees with a serious attitude, I will be with you.

Ask and It Will be Given

If you are in need of anything, ask the Father and He will give it according to His Will. If your desire is because of greed, materialism or for nefarious purposes, you will not receive that which you ask, for your desire is not of a godly nature, but of the darkness instead.

The Father knows your needs, and He will not give according to unrighteous desires.

Hold to That Which is Holy

I can not condone the unrighteous acts performed in the name of various religions and philosophies, whether it is Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam or any political group. If a religion brings true peace, enlightenment and benevolence to humanity, then within it there is some truth.
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Complete Faith

If you have complete faith in me, by the power of the Father of Greatness, you will be brought safely across the raging river, to the other side where peace awaits you.