Trust the Creator in All Things

Ten lions in the wilds of Africa can not bring about the same level of carnage that one man can bring upon his fellow man in a so-called civilised society.

The evil one has breathed its poisonous breath into the nostrils of its followers and transformed them into greedy, murderous, and lying evil creatures. They are children of the beast.
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The Mark of the Beast

The term “beast”, used in the book of Revelation from the Christian Bible, is the same beast mentioned in the Faithist Bible. This beast is the “self.” The “mark” is the personality and traits of those who revel in carnal desires and who wish to control others. Thus, when you read “mark of the beast,” it is the same as saying “personality of the beast” or “likeness of the beast.”

Sometimes the evil one, satan, is thought of as the beast because there is no better example of greed, control, confusion, carnality and dread.
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Jehovih the Creator

Jehovih is the One Creator.

It is Jehovih alone who deserves the worship of all creation.

There is none other like Jehovih; none can compare to the greatness and glory of the Eternal Creator.

His creation speaks of His name and of His works; because of this none can, in truth, deny His existence.
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Demonstrating Loving-Kindness

Children of light, there is a great deal of work to be done in the homes and congregations of Faithists. Jehovih’s people need to focus their attention on the heart by developing a better attitude concerning loving-kindness towards others. To do this, one must understand what loving-kindness is. The Oahspe reveals the importance of assisting your fellow humans by educating them in vital spiritual matters and in aiding them in their time of need, such as with food and shelter according to your abilities.
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A Warning Concerning the Delta Variant

My dear brothers and sisters, faithful sheep of my Father’s household. Peace be with you.

With the current variant of COVID which is called Delta, it is likely to cause the death of more young and elderly. It is important that those of you with children to use more caution than usual. Those who are elderly or with chronic illnesses and weakened immune systems should also take great precautions regarding their safety. This variant may be the most contagious and deadly to date. I am saddened to state that unprecedented numbers of children and others will die in this season of the new variant. I beg each of you not to think that the Creator is the cause. He is not the cause of this sickness. The evil one has unleashed, through the hands of his own human servants, this disease, and the evil one has plans for additional illnesses to develop.
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Minor Mistakes in the Oahspe

It has been stated in previous ages, that the Oahspe is not perfect. “Not immaculate in this Book, OAHSPE; but to teach mortals how to attain to hear the Creator’s Voice, and to see His heavens, in full consciousness, whilst still living on the earth; and to know of a truth the place and condition awaiting them after death.” The Oahspe was given through the hands of a scribe named Newbrough by angels of the Creator. Through that scribe and from various printing issues, some mistakes can be found within the text. Other errors are due to one of the angels who had not been born into the inorganic heavens before the original Oahspe had been written. Because of this, there are several verses that often give the student the wrong impression about the truth of Jehovih’s words.
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The Commandments Are Not Too Difficult

The commandments of the Father are not too difficult to observe, but for some of Remnant, they are not able to fulfil them perfectly. The Father is aware of those who strive for perfection and of those who practice religious fakery. Do not be found among the latter.

The universal laws have been given as a standard for the grading of humanity, but the commandments have been given as a standard for the grading of the Remnant.
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There is Hope

It has been promised that the Spirit of holiness will descend upon you to give you knowledge of the truth. It is that same Spirit of holiness who will comfort you in times of need.

In times of trials and disappointments, as you strive to walk the narrow path, call upon the Father of Lights to send down the Spirit of holiness. Through the Spirit you will be encouraged and lifted up.
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