Remaining Faithful

True believers are those who worship the One Eternal Creator, and are disciples of His Son. They worship their Father who sits above the heavens and serve His Son who manifests Himself through the various Messengers sent by His Father.

A true believer is required to faithfully believe the truth, have faith in the revealed messages of this day, and diligently follow certain customs and traditions that are given down to the greater assembly of truth, known as the Remnant. Those are your duties. It is the United Covenant that is to be taught to all the believers in your household.

Neglect not your duties as a servant of the Eternal One. Remind your children and those around you who believe, to always be strong in their faith in their One Father, and vigilant in their work for building the Kingdom of the Creator.

By remaining faithful to the truths of ancient and modern times, you shall be blessed. By following the customs and traditions established for the members of the United Covenant of the Religion of Light, you will be blessed.

I will speak with you on the customs in the days to come.