Persecution of the Remnant

Fear not, my children, because the world will persecute each one of you. The world hates those who walk in the light.

The angels who were appointed to protect the earth are now preparing to leave. With their presence no longer in your world, the chaos of those who hate the children of light will increase. Wickedness will increase in every place on earth. The myriads who refuse to know the truth of My Father’s Word will increase and they will attempt to overthrow every form of righteous practice. They will attempt to destroy the Remnant.

You are not to be like the world. Do not walk in their ways. Do not speak their language, for they speak with the tongue of lies. The world will hate you because you do not follow their path.

Do not fear, for I am with those who practice righteousness. I am with those who walk in the way of My Father who sits above the heavens. Although some of you may perish by the hands of those who hate you, some of you will feel the heat of the fire of the persecutors, but I assure you that none of those who belong to the Father will be lost. You will be brought to safety; you will be brought to your eternal home.

I am with you. God is King.