Light from Light

I do not belong to any particular religion. I am not Hindu, nor Buddhist, or Jewish. I am not Zoroastrian or Manichaean. I am not Christian or Muslim. I am from the Father and it is He who has sent Me to the world to provide light in a single covenant in your era. I am light from light. I serve everyone who wishes to receive light from God, for He who sent me to your world is the Source of light.

I have knowledge of all the good that is in various religions. Additionally, I am aware of the evil that exists in most of the religions in your world. I do not tell anyone to turn away from their religion unless it is of an evil origin or if that religion has become sour over time; I tell you to continue worshipping what you know, if it is true, and if it is benevolent. If it helps raise you and others to God’s feet, then continue on. However, if it is not benevolent and if it does not bring you close to Almighty God, then you must abandon it. God is light; God is true; God is King. Worship the one God and be blessed in this and the next life.

In the United Covenant, the Father of Greatness has appointed me to sift through the old religions which once contained light and to give to you what is true and to provide to you revelation from His throne, with respect to the various cultures and the diversities among humanity. In this covenant, all truth is brought into a single prism, which shines light throughout your world. All falsehoods must be removed and burned away, for the darkness and the light can not co-exist.

We have called out a special people to carry the Name of the Eternal Creator. They are His own people; they are His Remnant. They worship according to the instructions given to them through His Messengers. Others in the world are not given such instruction. Blessed are those who have been called to the fold of the Shepherd.

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