Hold to That Which is Holy

I can not condone the unrighteous acts performed in the name of various religions and philosophies, whether it is Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam or any political group. If a religion brings true peace, enlightenment and benevolence to humanity, then within it there is some truth.

There is violence in all of the religions created by humanity. I do not instruct you to cast away your religion unless it is a religion that is not from God. I have not told you that you are not permitted to read the sacred texts of your religion unless those texts are not true. There are truths in the books of almost all religions of the world, but there are also writings that can misguide the simple ones. There is a great difference between the light and the dark. There are holy texts that originated with God and His Messengers and Prophets, and there are texts that originated with the evil one and its servants. Take what is holy and feed upon its words. Hold firmly to that which is holy. Remove from yourselves that which is evil.

Seek God and His light; be charitable to all and be a light to everyone you meet; by doing so you will be guided by God’s own hand. God is King!