Feeding on the Sacred Words

The religions that were founded thousands of years ago, even though some are still in existence, are not the same today. Most of the sacred texts have been corrupted by men, lost, or destroyed. Many in existence today have been diluted due to bad translations.

In the Kingdom of Heaven, long ago the Father of Greatness commissioned His angelic scribes to restore the writings as they were intended to be. In this day His pristine Message of Light is now being provided for the development of the Blessed Remnant. The Remnant is to feed on the words of these revealed texts which are being compiled in the Holy Revelation.1

By consuming the spiritual food in the Holy Revelation, the Remnant will be able to sustain itself through the harsh winters of persecution and other trials. Feed on these sacred words from the Ever-Present Creator and you will come to realise that He is the Wise Lord. Come to the Creator and find your rest.2

Feed on the Words of Light and you shall be filled with the knowledge of the truth and with joy and peace. By devout study, reading and application of the Holy Revelation, you will find rest in Bahisht.3


1 Giliana Kudsha

2 “Oh taste and see that Yahweh is good. Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.” (Psalm 34:8, World English Bible) The Gospel of the Holy Prophet Mani states:
“I have tasted a sweet taste;
        I have found no sweeter than the Word of Truth!
I have tasted a sweet taste;
        I have no sweeter than the Name of God!
I have tasted a sweet taste;
        I have found no sweeter than Christ!
Taste and realise that the Lord is sweet!” (Ch. 8, sec. 94.2)

3 Bahisht is a special term meaning “paradise.” Depending on the context, it can also refer to the Kingdom of Light or the Kingdom of the Heavens. “Out of Bahisht [Paradise] has come a Messenger, a Herald from the Kingdom.” (Gospel of the Holy Prophet Mani Ch. 3, sec. 35.1)

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