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Light from Light

I do not belong to any particular religion. I am not Hindu, nor Buddhist, or Jewish. I am not Zoroastrian or Manichaean. I am not Christian or Muslim. I am from the Father and it is He who has sent Me to the world to provide light in a single covenant in your era. I am light from light. I serve everyone who wishes to receive light from God, for He who sent me to your world is the Source of light.
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Those Who Labour for Others

Those who labour for the good of others will be blessed in this life; in the next life, they will be blessed with riches beyond compare. But I say to you, those who enslave others will themselves be enslaved in the next life. Whoever causes someone to fall into financial debt will himself be thrown into debt in his next life. For it will be a very long time before an evil creditor is able to set his foot in Bahisht.

I Have Sent My Tabernacle

According to the Will of the Father, the wheels of His Holy Chariot are moving quickly. The Temple in the Kingdom of Heaven is busy with angelic servants carrying out their various assignments given to them by the Father. They are preparing places for each member of the Remnant, so they may be gathered in this age. I walk and carry out the Will of the Father.
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Your Holy Book

For my devotees, I have told you that there are many sacred texts to read and that you should seek out the truths in each one and that you should discard what did not originate with God. For my closest devotees who meet with me daily, my words are your primary Holy Book*. Revere1 and protect these revealed words. Reading and hearing the teachings within these words can burn away your past sins.
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Meditate Upon Mir Izgadda

Submitted by JBS

I came for my sheep

I did not come to call the world into my fold. I came for my own sheep who know the voice of their shepherd. Come to me and I will lead you to refreshing waters set forth from the beginning by the Father of Greatness.

Why I have come

I have come to you by the Will of the Father who sent me. I came to gather the sheep of the Great Shepherd of the Kingdom of Light. The last days are upon your world, and I am here to gather you into a single covenant. The words I speak are those of the Father who whispered them in my ear. I now speak these same words to you. Hear these words and be refreshed. Hear these words and live.
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